The School will be held online and in presence as much as the pandemic will allow travelling.

De Multis Sidereis Nunciis35x50In 2015 the birth of a new astronomy revealed to us a yet unknown Universe, where pairs of stellar black holes in collision create violent disturbances in the curvature of space time that reach us as gravitational waves. The detection of the first gravitational wave signal from two colliding neutron stars followed by the emission of multicolor light also heralded the era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics. Multi-messenger studies aim to find the answer to some of the most important problems in high-energy astrophysics, fundamental physics and cosmology and to discover new phenomena by merging the information from the world’s leading observatories sensitive to light, gravitational waves and neutrinos. The School intends to disseminate knowledge on these new themes, exploring how multi-messenger astrophysics informs us about the nature of the most extremeobjects in the Universe and about the Universe itself.